Christmas Math Activities

Compare prices and figure out the sale price of Christmas gifts.

Make up a math game using Christmas advertisement inserts.

Make Christmas related charts.

Talk about budgeting for Christmas presents and activities, use a spread sheet.
Calculate for making a Christmas decoration project.

Measure and double recipes while baking.

Educational board games as Christmas presents.

Bank account as a Christmas present.

Investment as a present and learn about investing.

Use math for planning a Christmas trip.

Figure out distances and gas mileage while driving.

Make a bar graph showing the extra calories you consume at Christmas time.

Estimate the Christmas lights on a house, or the block. How many watts are used?

Measure Christmas presents and wrapping paper.

Find out the temperature and forecast in North Pole.

How many hours, minutes, or seconds until Christmas?

Calculate the postage for the Christmas cards your family sent or received.

Do the Extreme Math Hunt Game

Christmas Word Problem Worksheet

Christmas Language Arts Activities

Writing Ideas:

  • Write a Christmas story or essay.
  • Write a nativity play.
  • Write thank you cards for your presents.
  • Write letters to Santa or a Wish List.
  • Write your own section in the Christmas letter.

Christmas Writing Prompts:

  • What Christmas means to me.
  • Describe a present you are giving to someone.
  • Write about your favorite Christmas present.
  • Write about your favorite Christmas song.
  • Describe Santa.
  • What is Christmas like at your home?
  • What would you give Santa for Christmas?
  • Write about the things you see during winter.
  • Write Santa and tell him what you want and why you think you deserve it.
  • Make up a Christmas recipe. Write down the ingredients and directions.
  • Describe what you eat for Christmas dinner.
  • Write about your favorite Christmas story.
  • Write about things you can do to help someone.
  • Write about the Christmas present that changed the world.
  • What was your best Christmas ever?
  • Do you think Christmas is too commercialized?
  • What is the Christmas spirit?
  • 10 Story Starters

Christmas Journal
Keep an ongoing journal or scrapbook, so that you can record everything about the Christmas season. You may want to write about what your Christmas tree looked like, the traditions that your family observed, what special activities you did, what guests came to your home, special gifts you gave or received, and memorable stories.

Reading Incentive
Make a large paper Christmas tree and hang it on a wall. The children can make paper ornaments. They can earn an ornament when they have read a chapter, read for 30 minutes, read a book, or whatever you think best. They can print their name and the name of the book on an ornament and tape it to the tree.

Tradition Interview
Interview a relative or friend about their family traditions or the ones they did when they were little. Take notes. Then write an article or give an oral presentation to the family.

Make a Christmas Blog
You will learn about researching, writing, spelling, and blogging when you make your own Christmas blog.

You may want to include:

  • Your stories and poems
  • Your favorite Christmas recipes
  • Your Christmas season activities and traditions
  • What Christmas means to you
  • Ideas about how to help others at Christmas

You can get your own free blog at

Christmas TV Shows:

  • Discuss or write: What was your favorite part of the show? What are three new things you learned? What else would you like to know about the subject?
  • Research more on the subject using the Internet.
  • Make a list of vocabulary words used in the program. Look up the definitions in a dictionary.
  • Make an art project to represent the show.
  • Find a book at the library on the same subject.
  • Tell a parent or sibling about the show.
  • Write a review of the show.

Christmas Carols
You can read and sing the lyrics of
12 Famous Christmas Carols. Have a dictionary handy to look up the words that you do not understand.

Essay Contest
Have an essay contest about how your family is putting "Christ" back into their Christmas season.

Christmas Copy Work
Practice writing and spelling by copying poems and carols.

Christian Poems
Christmas Carols

Christmas Audio Books
You can listen to these online Audio Books for free:

A Christmas Carol
Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
Little Women
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
The Gift of the Magi
Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas History and Geography Activities

Christmas Legends
Legends about the
Christmas Tree.

Legends of the Christmas Symbols.

Christmas in the Holy Land
Discover a few interesting facts about How Christmas is Celebrated in Israel.

Read about what it is like in
Bethlehem at Christmas.

Learn about Christmas Traditions in the Holy Land.

A Colonial Christmas
Learn about Colonial Christmas Customs - gift giving, cards, garlands, candles in windows, Christmas trees, food, and length of the season.

A Pioneer Christmas
Learn how the pioneers of the 1800's celebrated Christmas.

Make a pioneer Christmas gift: corn husk doll, sachet, pomander, apron, jar of jam, carved wooden toy, embroidered hankie, braided rug, painted glass vase, knitted scarf or hat.

Make Christmas recipes: Gingerbread Man Cookies and Christmas Plum Pudding

Learn how the pioneers celebrated Christmas:

A Victorian Christmas
Learn about Victorian Christmas Celebrations - decorating, entertaining, cards, gifts, dolls, and toys.

History in Movies
Watch a Christmas Movie. Then research the movie's time period or a historical topic mentioned in the movie.

  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Samantha (American Girl)
  • Little House on the Prairie Christmas Episode
  • Walton's Christmas Episode
  • Wind at My Back Christmas Movie
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • An Avonlea Christmas
  • Seasons of the Heart
  • My Christmas Soldier
Missionaries and Geography
When you read Missionary Blogs, you learn about their work and also the geography where they live. If you want to learn more, research one of the countries further. You can also leave them encouraging comments on their blog.

Christmas Cards
Each evening after dinner, choose from one of the Christmas cards you have received. Learn about the geography of where the card came from.

Christmas Around the World
Each year, during the Christmas season, choose a different country to learn about. Celebrate that country’s Christmas traditions, holiday food, customs, and stories. You may want to choose countries based on the ancestry in your own family.

Online Advent Calendar - Learn about Celebrations Around the World

Here are some sites that tell how Christmas is celebrated around the world:

Have a Christmas around the world party with other families. Each family brings an ethnic food item and a display to represent the country of their choice.

Christmas Facts
Learn interesting facts when you take the
Online Christmas Quiz.

Learn how Christmas things work and facts about the history of Christmas, gifts, and traditions at How Stuff Works

Christmas Science Activities

Christmas Trees and The Forest
Learn about the Christmas tree industry at the
National Christmas Tree Association.
Take a field trip to a Christmas tree farm.
Look for animal tracks in the snowy woods.
Learn about Outdoor Winter Survival.

Learn about a real Reindeer Farm in Alaska.
Learn reindeer facts when you take The Reindeer Quiz.
View a slide show about Nomadic Reindeer Herders in Russia.

Winter Weather
Take a field trip to a Weather Forecast Office.
Learn about Winter Storms
Learn about Winter Weather Across America

View the Making Chocolate Video at the Hershey site.
Learn all about chocolate at Chocolate: The Exhibition
Learn interesting facts about Chocolate when you take the online Chocolate Quiz
Make a chocolate desert.

Christmas Plants
Poinsettias - history, legends, facts, caring for them, faq's
Mistletoe - characteristics, myths, symbolism
Holly - how it grown, biochemical process, medicinal uses
Christmas Cactus - hybridization, forcing it to flower, caring for it

North Pole and The Arctic
Use the Internet to learn about The North Pole and The Arctic.
National Geographic's Facts on the North Pole
Arctic Adventure Game (about animals)

Biblical Christmas Science
Learn about the Star of Bethlehem
Learn about:

Learn about Agriculture in Ancient Israel
Learn about the Climate of Israel

Christmas Lights
Learn Who Invented Electric Christmas Lights
Learn Why Christmas Lights Stop Working just because one bulb is broken.
Learn about LED Christmas Lights

Snow Experiments
Measuring Snow
Melting Snow
Examining Snowflakes
How Clean is Snow?
What Salt Trucks Do

Snow Isulation
Make Crystals
Make Ice Cream
Make an Ice Candle
Make a Snow House
Staying Warm
Fat as an Insulator
Bubble Crystal Ball
How Snow Shoes Work

Winter News Journal
During December, watch the Science segments on your local TV news about - wildlife, weather, heating, snowplows, freezing lakes, etc. Record what you learn in a journal.

Christmas Bible Activities and Ministry

Christmas Devotions
Denny's Party
A Wonderful Gift
A Christmas Tradition
Candy Cane
Crybaby Christmas
The Nativity Set Baby
Something Missing
Same Old Story
The Real Gift
Guest of Honor
Here I Am
Just Like Sammy

Christian Christmas Sites
The Nativity Online Quiz
Christmas Sermons to Read
The Christmas Story Comic

Share your Christian Faith

You can pass out
Santa Money Tracts at a Christmas light parade. Or, your family could make stocking ornaments out of craft foam (laced together with yarn) and stick a folded Santa Money Tract inside. Then, deliver them to the neighbors or hang them on doorknobs.

Do one of the hundred Christmas evangelism and ministry ideas at the Easy to Evangelize site.

Pray for the people who send you Christmas cards.

Volunteer to help at a charity in your community, or help out with a church Christmas ministry.

Have a Christmas Party with a
gift collection to be given to orphans.

Christmas Art Activities

Arts and Crafts Shows
Go to the local Christmastime craft shows and bazaars in schools, churches, and malls. You will see a huge variety of Arts and Crafts. You may find ideas for crafts that you want to try making yourself.

Birthday Cakes for Jesus
Make single layer cakes in pie plates - one for each person. When the cakes have cooled, everyone gets to decorate their own Birthday cake for Jesus. You can decorate with frosting, candies, flaked coconut, marshmallows, and sprinkles. Then, light a candle in each cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Painted Windows
Your family can paint winter scenes on the windows. You can buy special window paint at a craft store or learn how to
Make Your Own Window Paint.

Christmas Arts and Crafts
The Family Fun site has good craft ideas.
Christmas Decorations
Christmas Cards
Christmas Ornaments
Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas Music Activities

There are many places to hear music during Christmas:

  • Church Christmas Concerts
  • Homeschool or Church recitals
  • Performances at the mall
  • Band and orchestra concerts at schools
  • Musical fund raisers and benefits
  • Musical specials on TV
You can choose a musical event to attend around Christmas. You could go to a symphony, play, ballet, or musical.

Christmas PE Activities

You can learn how to play Outdoor Winter Games at the Family Fun site.

Winter sports ideas:

  • ice skating
  • snowshoeing
  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • hockey
  • sledding
  • make up a dance routine to Christmas music
  • obstacle course in the snow
  • snowball fighting