Christmas History and Geography Activities

Christmas Legends
Legends about the
Christmas Tree.

Legends of the Christmas Symbols.

Christmas in the Holy Land
Discover a few interesting facts about How Christmas is Celebrated in Israel.

Read about what it is like in
Bethlehem at Christmas.

Learn about Christmas Traditions in the Holy Land.

A Colonial Christmas
Learn about Colonial Christmas Customs - gift giving, cards, garlands, candles in windows, Christmas trees, food, and length of the season.

A Pioneer Christmas
Learn how the pioneers of the 1800's celebrated Christmas.

Make a pioneer Christmas gift: corn husk doll, sachet, pomander, apron, jar of jam, carved wooden toy, embroidered hankie, braided rug, painted glass vase, knitted scarf or hat.

Make Christmas recipes: Gingerbread Man Cookies and Christmas Plum Pudding

Learn how the pioneers celebrated Christmas:

A Victorian Christmas
Learn about Victorian Christmas Celebrations - decorating, entertaining, cards, gifts, dolls, and toys.

History in Movies
Watch a Christmas Movie. Then research the movie's time period or a historical topic mentioned in the movie.

  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Samantha (American Girl)
  • Little House on the Prairie Christmas Episode
  • Walton's Christmas Episode
  • Wind at My Back Christmas Movie
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • An Avonlea Christmas
  • Seasons of the Heart
  • My Christmas Soldier
Missionaries and Geography
When you read Missionary Blogs, you learn about their work and also the geography where they live. If you want to learn more, research one of the countries further. You can also leave them encouraging comments on their blog.

Christmas Cards
Each evening after dinner, choose from one of the Christmas cards you have received. Learn about the geography of where the card came from.

Christmas Around the World
Each year, during the Christmas season, choose a different country to learn about. Celebrate that country’s Christmas traditions, holiday food, customs, and stories. You may want to choose countries based on the ancestry in your own family.

Online Advent Calendar - Learn about Celebrations Around the World

Here are some sites that tell how Christmas is celebrated around the world:

Have a Christmas around the world party with other families. Each family brings an ethnic food item and a display to represent the country of their choice.

Christmas Facts
Learn interesting facts when you take the
Online Christmas Quiz.

Learn how Christmas things work and facts about the history of Christmas, gifts, and traditions at How Stuff Works