Christmas Language Arts Activities

Writing Ideas:

  • Write a Christmas story or essay.
  • Write a nativity play.
  • Write thank you cards for your presents.
  • Write letters to Santa or a Wish List.
  • Write your own section in the Christmas letter.

Christmas Writing Prompts:

  • What Christmas means to me.
  • Describe a present you are giving to someone.
  • Write about your favorite Christmas present.
  • Write about your favorite Christmas song.
  • Describe Santa.
  • What is Christmas like at your home?
  • What would you give Santa for Christmas?
  • Write about the things you see during winter.
  • Write Santa and tell him what you want and why you think you deserve it.
  • Make up a Christmas recipe. Write down the ingredients and directions.
  • Describe what you eat for Christmas dinner.
  • Write about your favorite Christmas story.
  • Write about things you can do to help someone.
  • Write about the Christmas present that changed the world.
  • What was your best Christmas ever?
  • Do you think Christmas is too commercialized?
  • What is the Christmas spirit?
  • 10 Story Starters

Christmas Journal
Keep an ongoing journal or scrapbook, so that you can record everything about the Christmas season. You may want to write about what your Christmas tree looked like, the traditions that your family observed, what special activities you did, what guests came to your home, special gifts you gave or received, and memorable stories.

Reading Incentive
Make a large paper Christmas tree and hang it on a wall. The children can make paper ornaments. They can earn an ornament when they have read a chapter, read for 30 minutes, read a book, or whatever you think best. They can print their name and the name of the book on an ornament and tape it to the tree.

Tradition Interview
Interview a relative or friend about their family traditions or the ones they did when they were little. Take notes. Then write an article or give an oral presentation to the family.

Make a Christmas Blog
You will learn about researching, writing, spelling, and blogging when you make your own Christmas blog.

You may want to include:

  • Your stories and poems
  • Your favorite Christmas recipes
  • Your Christmas season activities and traditions
  • What Christmas means to you
  • Ideas about how to help others at Christmas

You can get your own free blog at

Christmas TV Shows:

  • Discuss or write: What was your favorite part of the show? What are three new things you learned? What else would you like to know about the subject?
  • Research more on the subject using the Internet.
  • Make a list of vocabulary words used in the program. Look up the definitions in a dictionary.
  • Make an art project to represent the show.
  • Find a book at the library on the same subject.
  • Tell a parent or sibling about the show.
  • Write a review of the show.

Christmas Carols
You can read and sing the lyrics of
12 Famous Christmas Carols. Have a dictionary handy to look up the words that you do not understand.

Essay Contest
Have an essay contest about how your family is putting "Christ" back into their Christmas season.

Christmas Copy Work
Practice writing and spelling by copying poems and carols.

Christian Poems
Christmas Carols

Christmas Audio Books
You can listen to these online Audio Books for free:

A Christmas Carol
Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus
Little Women
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
The Gift of the Magi
Twas the Night Before Christmas