Christmas Math Activities

Compare prices and figure out the sale price of Christmas gifts.

Make up a math game using Christmas advertisement inserts.

Make Christmas related charts.

Talk about budgeting for Christmas presents and activities, use a spread sheet.
Calculate for making a Christmas decoration project.

Measure and double recipes while baking.

Educational board games as Christmas presents.

Bank account as a Christmas present.

Investment as a present and learn about investing.

Use math for planning a Christmas trip.

Figure out distances and gas mileage while driving.

Make a bar graph showing the extra calories you consume at Christmas time.

Estimate the Christmas lights on a house, or the block. How many watts are used?

Measure Christmas presents and wrapping paper.

Find out the temperature and forecast in North Pole.

How many hours, minutes, or seconds until Christmas?

Calculate the postage for the Christmas cards your family sent or received.

Do the Extreme Math Hunt Game

Christmas Word Problem Worksheet