Christmas Science Activities

Christmas Trees and The Forest
Learn about the Christmas tree industry at the
National Christmas Tree Association.
Take a field trip to a Christmas tree farm.
Look for animal tracks in the snowy woods.
Learn about Outdoor Winter Survival.

Learn about a real Reindeer Farm in Alaska.
Learn reindeer facts when you take The Reindeer Quiz.
View a slide show about Nomadic Reindeer Herders in Russia.

Winter Weather
Take a field trip to a Weather Forecast Office.
Learn about Winter Storms
Learn about Winter Weather Across America

View the Making Chocolate Video at the Hershey site.
Learn all about chocolate at Chocolate: The Exhibition
Learn interesting facts about Chocolate when you take the online Chocolate Quiz
Make a chocolate desert.

Christmas Plants
Poinsettias - history, legends, facts, caring for them, faq's
Mistletoe - characteristics, myths, symbolism
Holly - how it grown, biochemical process, medicinal uses
Christmas Cactus - hybridization, forcing it to flower, caring for it

North Pole and The Arctic
Use the Internet to learn about The North Pole and The Arctic.
National Geographic's Facts on the North Pole
Arctic Adventure Game (about animals)

Biblical Christmas Science
Learn about the Star of Bethlehem
Learn about:

Learn about Agriculture in Ancient Israel
Learn about the Climate of Israel

Christmas Lights
Learn Who Invented Electric Christmas Lights
Learn Why Christmas Lights Stop Working just because one bulb is broken.
Learn about LED Christmas Lights

Snow Experiments
Measuring Snow
Melting Snow
Examining Snowflakes
How Clean is Snow?
What Salt Trucks Do

Snow Isulation
Make Crystals
Make Ice Cream
Make an Ice Candle
Make a Snow House
Staying Warm
Fat as an Insulator
Bubble Crystal Ball
How Snow Shoes Work

Winter News Journal
During December, watch the Science segments on your local TV news about - wildlife, weather, heating, snowplows, freezing lakes, etc. Record what you learn in a journal.